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Acing Technology Sales Interviews in Australia

The Australian technology market despite a turbulent 12 months has been one of the leading sectors in employment growth in the last 10 years with forecasts set to continue with rapid technological advancement creating new opportunities.

However, obtaining a position in technology sales is frequently preceded by a series of interviews that are intended to evaluate applicants on a range of abilities and knowledge to ultimately be able to solve the unique problems of the market with the tech solution.

This thorough guide has been put together to assist you in getting ready for your upcoming technology sales interviews in Australia.

Finding your Why

John Barrows, leading sales trainer of some of the world’s largest tech companies says ‘sales is the transfer of enthusiasm, and this is probably the number one thing you want to see in sales hires.’

Working out what is motivating you to pursue a career in sales and specifically tech sales and being able to communicate this clearly, is the key to not only making a good initial impression but also shows the hiring manager at the company you are there for the right reasons.  

It doesn’t have to be overly aspirational or overbaked, it may be something as simple as ‘wanting a better life’, but spending some time self-diagnosing these questions is the first step to interview success.

Prepare to win

It sounds simple but doing your research is often the most important step in the interview process. Candidates that haven’t researched the company, what problem or solution they are trying to solve or need reminding about what the role does is often a major red flag for clients.

Preparation is also not just about who the company is and what they do, but also its mission, history, major investors and competitors. Knowing the profiles of who you are meeting in the business too is just as important, so you can converse and have questions to demonstrate your curiosity.

Showcase Your Skills

Tech-related sales positions demand a special fusion of sales knowledge and behavioural competencies. Interviewers will consider your communication abilities, interpersonal skills, capacity to forge solid relationships, problem-solving capability and record of hitting sales targets as indicators of your sales proficiency. Prepare examples from your prior roles that demonstrate these abilities.

Adaptability & Culture

Tech organisations, especially startups, frequently have unique cultures and dynamic work environments. As critical as it is, to showcase your technical and commercial abilities, it is as important to highlight your adaptability and cultural fit. Consider instances in the past where you learnt quickly, adapted to agile/fast-moving environments, or positively impacted the culture of a team.

Ask Insightful Questions

Finally, remember that an interview is a two-way street. Come prepared with thoughtful questions that not only demonstrate your interest in the role but also help you evaluate if the company is the right fit for you. You could ask about the company’s sales strategies, their customer base, or how they handle new product launches.

Researching the industry, honing your technical skills, and making a strong case for your sales prowess are all necessary steps in preparing for a technology sales interview in Australia. 

You’ll be in a strong position to impress your interviewers if you have done your homework. Keep in mind that every interview is an opportunity for learning and a step towards landing your dream position in the thrilling field of tech sales.


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