We Specialise in
Call Centre & Customer Service Recruiting

At Posty we recognise that a skilled and innovative workforce in Information & Digital roles is crucial for driving your technological success. That’s why we specialize in sourcing top-tier talent for various technology positions, catering to both short-term projects and long-term strategic initiatives, ensuring your organization excels in the digital landscape.

Understanding Your Technology Staffing Needs

At PostySales, we recognise that every call centre has its unique set of challenges and requirements. Whether you’re operating a high-volume inbound centre, managing complex outbound campaigns, or focusing on customer retention and service, we are here to understand and meet your specific staffing needs.

Our approach involves:

  • In-depth Consultation
  • Tailored Staffing Solutions 
  • Adaptability and Scalability

Why Choose PostySales?

Industry Experience  

Our deep understanding of the challenges in recruiting for call centre job roles and customer service roles sets us apart. We’ve successfully placed numerous clients with skilled professionals in various positions, including:

  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Service Representatives
  • Call Centre Operators
  • Client Service Managers
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Call Centre Operations Specialists

Tailored Solutions  

Recognising that every business has unique needs, we dedicate time to understanding your specific requirements. This approach ensures we match you with the most suitable talent.

Quality Talent Pool  

Our candidates are not just skilled—they excel in problem-solving, communication, and customer focus. They are adept at addressing customer inquiries, solving issues, and ensuring satisfaction.

Let PostySales be your partner in elevating your customer service standards. Contact us today to discover how we can meet your specific needs with our exceptional talent pool.

Our Recruitment Process

To deliver the best, we employ a comprehensive talent acquisition process. This includes in-depth interviews, background checks, skill assessments, and various evaluations, guaranteeing only the highest quality candidates for your business. Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that we provide you with the most qualified and suitable candidates for your call centre:

Candidate Sourcing  

Leveraging our vast network, we source candidates with the right blend of skills and experience.

Screening and Evaluation  

Candidates undergo a rigorous screening process, including skills assessment and behavioural analysis, to ensure they align with your specific needs.

Continuous Support  

Post-placement, we offer ongoing support and feedback mechanisms to ensure the success of our placements and your satisfaction.

Benefits of Outsourcing Call Centre Recruitment

Access to Top Talent  

With our extensive network and industry know-how, you gain access to a pool of highly skilled professionals.

Time and Cost Efficiency  

Our streamlined recruitment process reduces your hiring time and costs, letting you focus on your core business activities.

Flexibility and Risk Mitigation  

We provide flexible staffing solutions that adapt to your business needs, reducing the risks associated with fluctuating demand and staff turnover.

Quality Assurance  

Our thorough vetting process ensures high-quality hires, directly impacting customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

Partner with PostySales to transform your call centre’s staffing strategy and achieve new heights in customer service excellence. Contact us to explore how our tailored solutions can support your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

At PostySales, our specialty lies in recruiting for Technology Sales roles within call centres. 


We expertly match candidates to positions like 

  • Technology Sales Representatives 
  • Technical Support Specialists  
  • Account Managers  
  • Lead Generation Specialists 
  • Customer Success Managers  


Our focus is on individuals who combine technical knowledge with strong sales skills and a customer-centric approach, ensuring they can effectively communicate the value of tech solutions and drive business growth. 

At PostySales, our approach to sourcing candidates for call centre positions, particularly in customer service, is multifaceted and strategic. We leverage our extensive professional networks and industry contacts to uncover candidates with a proven track record. 


We also utilise online job boards and social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, for wider reach. Our referral programs also play a crucial role, capitalising on recommendations from our current candidates and clients. We further extend our search by collaborating with universities and training programs that specialise in technology and sales, ensuring access to fresh, well-trained talent. 


Complementing these efforts are our targeted recruitment campaigns, specifically designed to attract candidates suited for technology sales roles in call centres. This comprehensive approach allows us to source the most qualified and fitting candidates for our clients’ unique needs.

PostySales caters to a diverse range of industries for call centre recruitment, including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, technology and software, travel and hospitality, utilities and energy, and government services. Each industry requires call centre representatives with specialised skills and knowledge, and PostySales is adept at meeting these varied demands.

During the onboarding process for new hires, PostySales provides comprehensive support that includes training in specific industry-related skills, familiarisation with company policies and customer service protocols, and integration assistance into the team. This process ensures that new recruits are well-prepared to deliver the high standard of customer service that PostySales is known for.

Exceptional customer service fosters loyalty, enhances reputation, and drives sustainable business growth by turning satisfied customers into passionate ambassadors. 

To find great customer service representatives with PostySales’ call centre recruitment services, you can reach out by filling out the form on our website or give us a call directly. The initial step typically involves a consultation to understand your specific needs and requirements. PostySales then tailors its recruitment process to align with your industry, company culture, and specific job roles, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process.



Permanent Recruitment

At PostySales, we're dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding sales and service talent to drive your business forward.

Our extensive network of passionate, motivated, and goal-driven professionals ensures we can find the perfect fit for your organization.

We take the time to learn about your business, culture, values, and strategy to match you with candidates who will not only excel in their role but also integrate seamlessly into your team.

Our proprietary technology and in-depth candidate assessments enable you to make informed hiring decisions with confidence. Experience the PostySales difference and transform your recruitment process.

HR Consulting

We understand the challenges that new and growing businesses face in establishing efficient systems and processes.

PostySales offers tailored HR consulting services to optimize your recruitment process and help you focus on growing your business.

Our expertise includes:
- Position Description Creation
- Employer Brand Value Proposition Development
- Interview Guide Design
- HR/Recruitment Software Recommendations
- Skills/Psychometric Testing
- Onboarding Induction Design
- Diversity Inclusion Attraction Initiatives

Temp/Contract Recruitment

Contract & Temp Staffing As work becomes increasingly flexible and project-based, businesses require adaptable staffing solutions.

PostySales offers access to a pool of pre-qualified talent, enabling your organization to scale up as needed and evaluate candidates before committing to permanent hires.
Our streamlined technology takes care of payroll and timesheets, removing the administrative burden from your shoulders. Choose PostySales for seamless contract and temporary staffing solutions.

Salary Benchmarking

A competitive salary and compensation package is critical to attracting top talent. With PostySales' wealth of data, we can help you understand the market rates for various roles, ensuring you remain a desirable employer.

In addition, we provide insights into the specific employee benefits that top candidates are seeking, helping you craft a compelling package to attract and retain the best talent.

Outsourced Lead Generation

All businesses require effective lead generation to increases sales - particularly SME's who often don't have the time or resources.

Pipeline by Posty is your one stop shop for outsourced lead generation.

We provide an end to end solution that ensures you receive quality appointments in your calendar to enable business growth.

Our expertise includes:
- Local sales agents on demand, trained in solution selling
- Custom built call campaigns for your target audience
- B2B Contact lists provided
- All meetings booked directly into your calendar
- Weekly reporting on campaign progress

Why Choose Us

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Experience unparalleled success in hiring top-tier sales, marketing, and customer success talent through PostySales' expert talent acquisition process.

Our team of seasoned recruiters utilizes cutting-edge tools and methodologies to identify the best candidates for your organization.

Partner with us and watch as your business flourishes with a high-performing, results-driven workforce.

Expert Industry Insights

Our team at PostySales possesses extensive industry knowledge and experience, equipping us with the expertise to understand the specific requirements of your business.

We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and skill sets, ensuring that the candidates we source are equipped to excel in the ever-evolving sales landscape.

Partner with PostySales to elevate your workforce with the best talent in the market.

Long-Term Partnership & Support

At PostySales, we believe that our clients' success is our success.

We are committed to providing ongoing support and guidance even after the recruitment process is complete.

Our aim is to forge lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that we remain their go-to resource for all their talent acquisition needs.

Trust in PostySales for a recruitment partnership that drives continuous growth and success for your organization.

Dedicated Recruitment Platform

PostySales' innovative recruitment platform streamlines the entire hiring process, making it efficient and enjoyable for both clients and candidates.

Our platform offers seamless candidate management, instant messaging, ad posting assistance, and job board integration.

By simplifying the recruitment process, we enable businesses and HR managers to focus on what matters most – growing and nurturing their teams.